Skötselråd ZigZag dyna
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Care advice ZigZag cushion


The ZigZag is a chair with a high seating comfort. But the fact remains that it is even more comfortable with a nice cushion in textile, leather or sheepskin. A well maintained and clean cushion is not just better looking while keeping its shape - it also gets a longer lifespan.


Washing advice

The cushion is not washable in a washing machine and should not be immersed in water. Use special cleaning method (seen down below).



Textile cleaning in spray form.



Bonded leather is most appropriately treated regularly (3-4 times/year) with products aimed for PU and Bycast.


When dust starts collecting at the bottom of the sheepskin you should regularly vacuum and dust off the cushions. This makes the wool rise again and get more voluptuous. Use a glue roll for loose visible dirt. Spots should immediately be washed off, otherwise they risk becoming permanent. Clean the cushion by hand with a sponge, lukewarm water and wool shampoo that you get at the retailer store of furniture.


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