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Care advice - textile


A chair is not always only made out of solid wood, but also of textiles, which shall of course last as long as the complete furniture. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind for having a fresh textile.


- Avoid placing your textile furniture too close to a heat source or in direct sunlight because it can make the color fade. Also the quality of the fibers of the textile could deteriorate by the sunlight.

- Vacuum and clean your furniture regularly because dirt and dust increase the wear down. It is also recommended to wash the textile ever so often.

- Avoid using sharp objects around the furniture.

- Always follow the accompanied care instructions thoroughly.

- For cushions use textile cleaning in spray form.

- If you have a couch preferably puff and turn the cushions regularly. It evens the load and decreases the risk for creasing and tracing in the fabric.

- To make the fabric easy to put back on your furniture after washing it is recommended to stretch the fabric when in a wet condition.

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