Skötselråd Linoleum
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Care of Furniture Linoleum Desktop

Forbo Linoleum Desktop is treated during manufacture with einforced polyurethane acrylate polymer which makes the surface easier to clean. The resistance of the surface is strong against most common stains that can occur on the surface but is not resistant to prolonged exposure of alkali (detergents with high pH values). It is important to wipe off spills of colorings as quickly as possible, such as ink, coffee, wine and juice. If you want to maintain the matte natural surface, then clean your tabletop with natural soap-based cleanser.



Clean the surface with a soap-based cleaning product diluted in water or pH-neutral gentle cleaner for light soiling. For more severe stains, use a white nylon tissue and rub lightly with the cleaning agent. Wipe the surface dry after cleaning.




Use protective cover for flower pots, plates, coffee cups, hot pots etc. where spills or heat can occur. Remove all stains as soon as possible and wipe the surface dry after cleaning. Remember that Linoleum is soft and deeper damages are permanent, therefore protect your furniture from damage by using protective covers. Many superficial marks will however often disappear by themselves over time as the surface has a certain self-healing effect. If you take good care of your Linoleum furniture it will stay beautiful for many years.

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