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Like father like son. With our roots in Hyssna we then settled down on the west coast of Sweden in Skene, where we have our head office and warehouse.

If you would like to contact us send an email to info@hansk.se


Global Furniture i Skene AB

Box 36

SE-511 21 Kinna



Visiting adress, head office/warehouse:

Hans K

Redskapsgatan 5

SE-511 62 Skene




+46 (0)320-205750





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Contact people:

Customer support

Tel: +46 320 205750

Email: info@hansk.se

Managing Director / Sale Export

Henrik Karlsson

Tel: 46 708 408067

Email: henrik@hansk.se

Sale Sweden

Anders Svensson

Tel: +46 705 296447

Email: anders.s@hansk.se


Sale Norway

Erik Tonnerud

Tel: +4746614661

Email: tonnerud@outlook.com

Sale Finland

Atte Salminen

Tel: +358 8443780478

Email: atte@hansk.se


Helena Karlsson

Tel: +46 708 408068

Email: helena@hansk.se


Anders Tornvall
Tel: +46 320 205758

Email: anders.tornvall@hansk.se


Customer support

Nathalie Johansson

Tel: +46 320 205752

Email:  nathalie@hansk.se

Service and spareparts

Email: service@hansk.se

Distribution and warehouse

Martin Åstrand

Tel: +46 320 205764

Email: martin@hansk.se


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