Material träslag
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Wood is a living material which changes its look during its entire lifetime. The wood’s grains and twigs make all wooden furniture unique. We at Hans K have a philosophy to always strive after the highest possible quality in all fields. When the production receives the wood, it is sorted after structure and color so that all furniture gets the most even, unique and beautiful pattern as possible.


We work with the following types of wood while producing our furniture:


Oak is a hardwood tree which can become more than 1000 years old. The oak has a beautiful grain and is much wanted because it is strong, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated.



Ash is a large hardwood tree within the Oleaceae family, and is together with oak and elm among our broadleaf trees. The Ash’s wood is hard and tough, but is easy to bend and has a bright color with a clear and very beautiful grain.




Birch is material easy to work with and has a bright and beautiful surface which alters from a yellow-white color to a red one. Birch is a common material when it comes to furniture and decorating. We often use birch in our color painted furniture (no structure).


Veneer is surface covering, produced from a timber of high quality which is glued on to a construction of wood. On Hans K we offer ash veneer and oak veneer.


MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard and is a wood board made 100% of softwood trees. The material is very hard and the surface is smooth. The clean surface is good for painting or as a foundation for veneered furniture.