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Our designers


Creative design is not just about the appearance – it is about the design that sees to a certain need. Hans K’s experienced design team works daily with creating new innovative products for both private and public environments. While developing new collections we also work with external designers, visionaries who always contribute with new ideas and share our vision – to create sustainable, personal furniture for your life.



Markus Johansson


“I get my inspiration from different areas between people and the artifact. Through different analyses, process and examination I search for the ‘true way’.


Markus Johansson was born in 1982 in Hyssna situated outside Gothenburg. He graduated from HDK, Gothenburg and now run his own companyMarkus Johansson Design Studio, which mainly focus on product design. There he collaborates with Hans K, Markslöjd, SEFB and Albin in Hyssna. Markus has also had furniture exhibits in London, Milan, Stockholm, Wien and New York. In the last mentioned he is also represented by Mad Museum of Arts and Design. For Markus design is about conveying a certain feeling that will affect people’s lives and enhances their every day life.


Sami Kallio


“I often build my design on a traditional of functional foundation, but still try to add that little extra in the design to keep it fresh.”


Sami Kallio – Interior and furniture designer from Gothenburg. Sami Kallio Studio. Born in Helsinki in 1975 and a MFA in interior design from HDK (Gothenburg) and Industriella högskolan (Helsinki). Sami Kallio Studio design furniture and equipment with focus on high quality, details and function which takes good knowledge and experience with handcraft and product development. – To work in practical with the product is important to me when it is in the workshop everything happens and develops to perfection.



Jannis Ellenberger



„Human needs are at the center of design. Concentrating on the essentials I often learn from the natural things around me. Their originality inspires me. Plus I always try to add a warm touch and nice feel to my designs as a counterpart to our stressful everyday life.”


Jannis Ellenberger was born in 1974 in Kassel, Germany. Before Jannis Ellenberger started studying at the Academy of Design in Münster, he did an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker where he discovered his passion for solid wood. In 2006 he established his own studio in Bremen, and has worked with many international brands since. Jannis Ellenberger also participated 3 years at SaloneSatellite, which runs concurrently to the Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week. In 2013 he established his own furniture collection Ellenberger Design.  Ellenberger: Design, das aufregt.

Ellenberger studio




Madeleine Jonsson | Sara Karlsson | Josephine Aspenrot


Madeleine Jonsson, born 1992 in Nyköping. Graduating in design at HDK in Gothenburg. She works mostly with illustration and graphic design, but is also interested in product design. In her projects, Madeleine prefers to work for educational purposes and often with feminism as a starting point.


Sara Karlsson, born 1992 in Nyköping and studies design at HDK in Gothenburg. She works versatile and often with conceptual design and design and has a great interest in color, material and space.


Josephine Aspenrot, born 1989 in Gothenburg. The interest in architecture and design has been around since childhood. She studies furniture design focusing on wood at HDK Steneby. "With inspiration from the Nordic nature and curiosity of contrasts, I want to develop designs that raise interest".


Madeleine, Sara and Josephine studied Interior Design at the Art College in Gothenburg, and this was where the first prototype of the Zig Zag Lounge was designed.





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