Produktion o utveckling
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Design and quality – our motto

It is the small details that makes a big difference. That you will notice when you look really closely at our furniture in solid wood – and it will be even more obvious when you sit down. The details and the handicraft comes with a thought, down in the finest detail. The back of the chair that follow your body with perfection. Solid and comfortable. That is how we create personal furniture that in the end becomes sincerely yours.




To predict trends is a full time job which is about following the movements within decorating, fashion and popular culture. It is the base if you want to create unique furniture for the future. But we are not stopping there. When designing our product we combine trends with the need in a way that is making us constantly grow in popularity. Our furniture should work in real life as well – with people at different stages in life and together with family and friends. Take a closer look at our collections – genuine Scandinavian design feeling and rare durability combined.




In our furniture collections you always have a large freedom to choose which helps you create your personal look. But we have also gone one step further – when creating our collections we always begin with the same wood, surface treatment and choosing of color and clothing. That means that you can combine chairs from one collection with a table from another and a cabinet from a third.




If you have ever sat down in an uncomfortable chair you know how much your back dislikes it. We are specialist in seating comfort and we know how seating and back support should be designed and angled in relation to each other. Everything is about knowledge, precision and perfection.


Try yourself – you will feel the difference.


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