Hållbar utveckling
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Sustainability and development – the art of taking responsibility

To offer the best possible quality is an obvious starting point for us at Hans K. But quality is more than being able to offer a well-made product - it is also about taking responsibility for the environment and to ensure fair working conditions, both in our own business as well as in the business of our carefully chosen subcontractors.


An overall sustainable perspective characterizes all our work - from raw material to finished product. The quality of work even starts with the product development and the designer work. There we can quantify and minimize the environmental impact from the very beginning. We only use raw materials from well-managed forestry with respect for nature.


Carefully chosen raw materials


No matter if we manufacture in Sweden or in other countries, we make sure that our partners follow our Code of conduct, the EU timber regulation (EUTR) and the EU's chemicals regulation REACH - it ensures that none of our products exceeds the limits in terms of chemicals.


In accordance with EUTR Hans K also developed its own diligence system. It means that we carry out individual risk assessments of both raw materials and suppliers. This contributes to an open dialogue with our partners in order to minimize the environmental impact. This traceability and responsibility system was controlled and approved by the Board of Forestry in 2020.


Justice in focus
Our controls are not just about the environment, but also about the working conditions. Some of the demands we place on our global partners and strictly overview are the prohibition of child labor, discrimination, work installment of debt and punishment. We also support the right to union work, regulated working hours, overtime, salaries and labor law.
Transparency – our mission

Our furniture is made to last, for your sake but also for the environment. Therefore our furniture is tested by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden to ensure that it has a proper and sustainable construction. The fabrics are tested by textile laboratories to ensure that they can withstand wear. We believe that the best environmental arrangement is to avoid wear and tear.


We also request our suppliers to comply with the principle of anti-corruption in the United Nations Global Compact. In this way, we help to work with our suppliers to ensure a healthy financial sustainability without corruption also in other countries. For sure, Hans K is following the Swedish legislation and generally accepted accounting principles. We constantly work for a future sustainable profitability and together with our customers and suppliers contribute to a sustainable development.



Recycling of packaging

Recycling of packaging and paper is environmentally friendly, it saves both energy and materials. There is a law on producer for both packaging and paper that covers all citizens and businesses. The law is aiming for all of us to help create a sustainable society by sorting packaging and paper. When it comes to packaging, anyone who manufactures, imports, fills or sells them or packaged goods are responsible that the packages can be collected and recycled. FTO is the packaging and newspaper collection organization, which has producers mission to ensure that packaging and paper are collected and recycled. Part of the financing may FTI get by selling the recycled material, and part is paid by producers through packaging fees. The brand "Gröna Punkten" (the green dot) means therefore that we as a company has paid for recycling to a national recycling company that has been engaged in accordance with the European Directive number 94/62 and the corresponding national laws.


Please let us know if you have ideas related to our sustainability work. Send us an email to info@hansk.se, or call +46 320-205750.

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