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Care advice - cane


Cane is a natural and flexible material. The cane on your furniture consists of braided strings made from some palmares and is a beautiful and environmentally friendly material that breathes design and handwork. The braid contributes with a transparency, which provides a physical and visual ease.


Cane provides good comfort to your furniture and relieves the body smoothly and responsibly. It should be noted, however, that the cane is made of a living material made up of long fibers, which sometimes makes it possible to cut off any stretched fibers that might otherwise get caught in the clothes when the chair is used.


Cane is very strong, but dries over time and becomes brighter and harder, which means that the cane can be cracked under high loads and should therefore be wetted regularly. We recommend cane furniture to be moistened approximately once a month to maintain its flexibility and excitement. Remember to never lump load a cane furniture by standing on the cane with your knees or feet.


Use a solution of about 3 tablespoons soap flakes dissolved in a liter of lukewarm water and spray it on the back of the cane. Allow the solution to penetrate properly in the cane. Avoid wetting down other parts of the furniture. Wipe away any excess water on the front of the chair with a clean damp cloth, but please leave the foam for a while on the back so that it can penetrate the cane and make it soft and gentle.


If you care for your furniture, you will enjoy it for many years.

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